terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2013

2009a - Arch generated shear bands in granular systems

Abstract. We propose an arch based model, on cubic and square lattices, to simulate the internal mobility of
grains, in a dense granular system under shear. In this model, the role of the arches in granular transport presents
a non-linear dependence on the local values of the stress components that can be modeled geometrically. This
non-linearity is very important since a linear dependence on the stress will make the models behave similarly to
viscous fluids, which will not reproduce highly interesting properties of the sheared systems such as shear bands. In
special, we study a modified Couette flow and find the appearance of shear-bands in accordance with the literature.
Keywords: Shear band. Granular system. Transport properties. Bi-based cuprates.

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