terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2013

2009c - Random Walks for Vector Field Denoising

Abstract—In recent years, several devices allow to directly
measure real vector fields, leading to a better understanding
of fundamental phenomena such as fluid simulation or brain
water movement. This turns vector field visualization and
analysis important tools for many applications in engineering
and in medicine. However, real data is generally corrupted
by noise, puzzling the understanding provided by those tools.
Those tools thus need a denoising step as preprocessing,
although usual denoising removes discontinuities, which are
fundamental for vector field analysis. This paper proposes a
novel method for vector field denoising based on random walks
which preserve those discontinuities. It works in a meshless
setting; it is fast, simple to implement, and shows a better
performance than the traditional gaussian denoising technique.
Keywords-Discrete Vector Field; Denoising; Random Walk;
Markov Chain;

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