terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2013

2009e - Geometry Super-Resolution by Example

Abstract—The acquisition of high-resolution 3D models still
requires delicate and time-consuming processes. In particular,
each detail of the object should be scanned separately, although
they may be similar. This can be simplified by copying a small
set of details at different places of the model, synthesizing
high geometric resolution from details exemplars, as introduced
in this paper for three different contexts : when the detail
exemplars are scanned separately at high resolution, when
they are synthesized or edited from other models, or when
they are obtained by accumulating repeated instances of the
detail in the low-resolution scan. The main challenge here is
to correctly register the high-resolution details with the low
resolution model. To address this issue, this work proposes
a careful resolution manipulation of 3D scans at each step
of an automatic registration pipeline, combined with a robust
selection of alignments. This results in a fully automatic process
for geometry super-resolution by example. Experiments on synthetic
and real data sets show applicability in different contexts,
including resolution increase, noise removal by example and
geometric texture insertion.

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